In Our Clients Words


I want to thank Robin and Krystal for such an amazing job. Robin is feisty and very direct. Krystal is patient and sweet. I first hired Robin 9 years ago and then again last year. She is very organized. I felt strong and confident when fighting. She did not let me get emotional. I had to give her what she needed for her to put all pieces together. In such an emotional time of my life I needed her strength. Highly recommend her. - Zandra Peraza



I've been extremely impressed with the time it takes Robin to respond to inquiries, her degree of professionalism, her attitude towards modern tools/technology, and the level of attention to detail that she's demonstrated in preparing documents. I've truly never seen anything like it before! -William Grobman



Robin was my attorney when I fought custody for my oldest son. As trial arrived, her one word of advice was to be honest. She says, "if you tell the truth, you won't have to try and remember a lie". This type of integrity is what I absolutely adored about her. She will fight for what's right by using the truth. My husband and I are in a battle for his daughters. She acts quick. She's passionate in fighting for what's right and she knows exactly what's relevant and what's not so it doesn't waste anyone's time. - Anynomous



 I am extremely great full for Mrs. Krane's service. I was going through a custody battle with my ex wife, my ex was trying to relocate my son approx. 270 miles away from his home. Mrs. Krane was very informative and helpful, she took on my case and we went through a modification and then a relocation. Mrs. Krane was on top of everything nothing got by her she fought and went above and beyond I think what any other attorney would have done, you could not have asked for anyone better, they way she handled the case from beginning to the final documents. If it weren't for Mrs. Krane I would not have won my case and kept my son at home. I am very much great full for everything she has done.  - R.B Vancouver, WA



Honestly, Robin and Krystle have been amazing throughout my custody case. Robin went above and beyond to provide me with all the legal and emotional support I needed to get through a very tough time in my life. She was assertive when I was weak and guided me in a professional manner. She was available when I needed her. My case lasted three years, she was there for every last intimate detail. I feel like she became part of the family. I developed a trusting relationship with her and would highly recommend her services to any friend or family member. Thank you Robin and Krystle for all that you do!  - J.S Ridgefield, WA



Well, it took over a year to go through my legal problems. Robin went through and above the call of duty to get things set right. Her assistant, Krystle, keep me up to date always. Robin is a great lawyer and a go getter for her clients. - S.HR. Vancouver, WA



Robin was very helpful and compassionate through my unusual divorce proceedings. She always answered all of my questions no matter how small. She gave me a very reasonable price for her services. I recommend her highly. - R.N. Vancouver, WA


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