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Robin J. Krane

Robin J Krane is a family law attorney, specializing in counseling clients regarding divorce, mediation, separation, custody, prenuptial agreements, child support, maintenance and other legal issues.  Ms. Krane has been practicing family law for 29 years with her no-nonsense approach.  She has extensive experience as a mediator in the conference room and a litigator in the courtroom.

Ms. Krane will work with you to ensure you fully understand the issues in your case and  a "game plan" for how she can help you achieve your goals.  Her proactive approach means she will identify her clients' needs right from the start of a case, rather than simply reciting the law and will apply the law to the relevant issues and explain the results at each turn.

Ms. Krane has the knowledge and experience to represent any client in any divorce matter, from the most basic uncontested divorce, too highly contested divorce with complex financial issues and/or custody disputes and helping clients achieve a lasting settlement which protects their interests and keeps costs down.  Ms. Krane has proven herself to be an effective advocate for her clients.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to a divorce.  These options may include litigation, mediation, and collaborative law, just to name a few.  Each choice made bring with it certain natural consequences.

  • Hire an attorney who is committed to you.
  • Hire an attorney who cares about the outcome for you.
  • Hire an attorney who knows what is important to fight about, and also knows what should be set aside.
  • Hire an attorney who can get you to the other side safely, and with dignity.

If you find yourself facing the reality of divorce, you may feel powerless, fearful of your ability to manage the battle ahead or simply confused as to what steps to take to best protect yourself and your family.  However, you will find assurance and comfort in knowing Ms. Krane has the experience, resources and reputation to fully protect your interests.