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Maintenance /Spousal Support

Maintenance (sometimes call alimony or spousal support) is determined by Washington Law.  The statute sets out specific factors the court must consider when making an award of maintenance.  These factors include but are not limited to: 

1.       Does a party have a need for Maintenance?

2.       Does the other party have the ability to pay maintenance?

3.       The marital standard of living.

4.       The assets and debts of the parties.

5.       The duration of the parties marriage.

6.       The age and health of the parties.

7.       Whether one pay delayed obtaining employment/education to raise Children.

In any case, pending trial there may be a request for maintenance, a party needs to understand how this will affect his/her other financial obligations. 

Sometimes, expert testimony is necessary to establish the martial standard of living and actual income, particularly in situations where one party is self-employed or unemployed.  

Obtaining or defending against a claim for maintenance requires experienced legal counsel  and Robin J. Krane is well versed in the relevant law.