The Law office of Robin J Krane was established in 1991 in Riverside, California with emphasis on handling family law matters.  Prior to 1991, I worked for an Insurance Defense firm handling personal injury defense.  I was active member in the San Bernardino and Riverside’s Bar association with emphasis on providing pro bono services for family law clients in those communities who could not afford legal services.

From the time, I passed the bar, including to the present, I have always volunteered my time to those who could not afford legal representation.  I was Chairperson of the San Bernardino Law Day Program in 1988 and 1989.  I have continued my pro bono activities in each community I practiced including the San Bernarnino Bar Association, Riverside Volunteer Attorney Program, San Jose Family Court and Clark County Volunteer Lawyers.

In 2005 I moved to Clark County with my family and soon thereafter open my office continuing to provide services for family law clients.