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Over the years, the legislature has refined many aspects of how child custody case are decided.  The court must look to what is in the best interest of the children.  An order for child custody is now called a parenting plan.  A parenting plan will define where the children will live, what type of visitations will occur, the legal rights of both parties and how legal decisions will be made as to the children.   One of the many factors the court will take into consideration in establishing a parenting plan will be the relative strength, nature and stability of the children's relationship with each parent.  When a parents separate the results can be very emotionally especially for children. That is why you need an experience family law attorney who has not only handled the most basic of parenting plans but has litigated complex custody disputes.  

Other matters such as Non-Parental Custody, Relocation and Paternity issues require parenting plans as well.  There are many issues when it comes to ensuring you have the right parenting plan for you and your children and Robin J. Krane has 29 years in ensuring you have the right parenting plan for you and your children.